Strawberries fields,
became vines

While we have a glass of wine, we´ll explain you a little story? The one of a winery that was born in Strawberries field, in the Montgó Natural Park, a few kilometers from Dénia and Javea´s sea (depending on how the wind blows, you can smell the salt in the air), at the entrance of the small town of Jesus Pobre.

Some fields that were abandoned and the earth made them their own, burying the old plants and creating, the germ of what makes our wines so special.

You will understand now that our cellar could only have one name. Welcome to Les Freses.

A wine with Mediterranean flavor, the TERROIR in the glass
The Ibers, the Romans, the pirates, and Alejandro Dumas, they all felt in love. There is something special in this land... don´t you think?

People say that wine can make you travel in time. Indeed, we go for a drink in the sixth century before Christ. Almost near here, in the hill of Benimaquia, we find the remains of what was the first wine cellar in Europe. In that same land our vineyards grow. Since then, some things remain unchanged: the Montgó, the sea and a way of understanding life and wine.

We did not invented anything, we only try to be worthy heirs.

The future is the past
You make the toast and
we serve the wine.

Different varieties with the same origin. Fermented in our steel tanks with their own yeasts, in damajoana or in the amphorae of mud, respecting the tradition. We invite you to enjoy our wines, and discover our way to enjoy life.

The visual appearance is light straw yellow, bright and with green reflections typical of muscatel and on the nose it is a muscatel full of fresh flowers, jasmine, orange blossom, chamomile, rose and talcum powder. On the palate, totally dry, pleasant, citrusy with lemongrass, it has a creamy petal and a and its aftertaste is long on the palate, with fennel, ginger and white pepper on the palate, saline and a touch of grapefruit.
In visual it is pale lemon with hints of green. The nose is intense and a proper Muscat, floral to roses and intense orange blossom. The palate is complex and dry, full of bakery and butter touches, in retro nasal the feeling of white flowers and talcum.
On the eye it is gold, clean and bright, with straw-like reflections. The nose is intense and distinguished, with floral aromas of jasmine and vegetable notes of chamomile and fennel. In the mouth it is complex and dry, we distinguish its micro-oxygenation and its yeasts, the retronasal aroma recalls fresh butter.
Intense golden color like honey. Raisins on the nose, almonds and hay. On the palate it is enveloping and despite its sugar it maintains freshness due to its high acidity. It embraces and shelters us. Delicious pairing with blue and spicy cheeses such as Stilton or Cabrales or with foie, pate and meats.
A very short, calm, sparkling production of an "albino" red muscatel plant. True to its' variety on the nose and in its' acidic freshness in the mouth. The magnificent laboratory work of our beloved biologist, Jaume X. Soler, who has cloned a pink muscatel plant for 12 years, a defect in nature that makes us very happy.
It is a light grape in alcoholic strength and color, with hints of sour cherry and blood orange. Very creamy on the palate, fresh and pleasant for its dairy and red fruit memories.
Light in alcohol and color, intense pepper nose and hints of blackberries and fresh black fruit in the mouth. A pleasant, balanced, long and deep retro nose of compote strawberry.
From plots in Lliber, indigenous Garnacha variety in limestone soils. The fermentation takes place spontaneously without the addition of yeasts, in stainless steel tanks, aged for 20 months in French oak barrels and 12 months in American oak barrels. After the fermentation we add two degrees of vinic alcohol. On the eye red clay tile with purple highlights and a generous tear.
Visually, it is light straw yellow, bright and with a hint of green typical of muscat and on the nose it is a muscatel full of fresh flowers, jasmine and rose. On the palate, the age of its vines are very present, it is a complex wine, gastronomic, full and long, citrus with lemongrass, and very herbal flavor.
After a maceration of 36 hours, the fermentation with own yeasts. Alcoholic fermentation ends in the oak barrels and it remains in it for two months.Bottled a very short run of 700 bottles with slight filtration and low sulphite level
There is no better pairing
than the good company

Something nice to do? A guided tour! We want you to know our wines, and discover what they hide. Its perfume, its origin and its secrets.

It will be a pleasure to receive you in our house and be the best host: welcome to our home.

Teléfono de reservas: 682 53 94 63
Guided visit

Please book in advance, to know our vineyard, the cellar and wines. Afterwards we will taste three wines with a selection of typical products from the Marina Alta. The groups must be from 6 to 20 people and need a prior reservation. The visit has a total duration of approximately 2 hours.

Visit to the archaeological site of Benimaquia

Discover the origins of the Iberian culture through this old site walled in the northwest corner of Montgó. The visit will be made by hand of a titled archaeologist. Before leaving, we will accompany our breakfast of a sweet wine and on the way back we will taste two wines more together with a tapa. The total duration approximate is five hours, departing from the cellar.

You will find us somewhere in the Marina Alta

Just between Dénia and Xàbia. In the Montgó. At the Mediterranean. We wait for you having a glass of wine.

Localización Les Freses

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm we are available on the pone number: 682 53 94 63

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